Links to Parent Resources

The internet is a great place to source information and inspiration about many topics. Here are some that we have found useful:

Dr Harry Zehnwirth's Ballarat Pediatric Clinic.
American Academy of Pediatrics - general child health topics
American Academy of Pediatrics - infancy health topics
American Academy of Physicians - promoting and Supporting Breast-Feeding
Canadian Institute of Child Health
Canadian Pediatric Society's Caring for Kids
Canadian Parent Help Line Link Library
Canadian Parents

Child Care Chat
International Lactation Consultants Association
La Leche League International
New Parent Resource Guide
Public Health Agency of Canada
SIDS Prevention and Support
The College of Family Physicians of Canada
The National SIDS/Infant Death Resource Center
Comprehensive American health information site
Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Department of General Medicine, parent information leaflets and links to other parent resources.
Being Dad and Being Dad 2. These popular DVDs run for approximately 90 minutes each and hold almost 3 hours of additional features, including eye-opening and informative interviews - with the questions you wish you could ask these guys - obstetricians, pediatricians, sleep experts, financial experts, psychologists, midwives, along with behind the scenes material, deleted scenes and much, much more. On Being Dad 2 Dr Harry shares his insights and expertise into sleep and baby settling, with a particular emphasis on how this affects Dads.
American consumer and patient health information website
Fact sheets on many health related issues provided by Children's Hospital Westmead (Sydney, Australia)
Fact sheets on an extensive range of health issues in babies and children provided by Sydney Children's Hospital