'This CD should be called Dr. Harry's magic CD. I just wished I had the CD the first 4 weeks of my daughter's life.'
Nicole, mother of Lily aged 5 months.

'I would recommend this CD to any parent, not just those having difficulties. The Environmental Sounds particularly, can be used both as a sleep association to help establish sleep routine, as well as a source of distraction and 'entertainment' for the irritable baby.'
Brendan, Pediatrician and father of 3, including 10-week-old twins.

'I was surprised how my babies settled so quickly.'
Kylie, mother of twins aged 8 weeks.

'The effect of the CD was quite amazing. Initially I was sceptical if we would see a significant change. But within a few seconds of starting the CD we had blissful silence. I would highly recommend this CD to any parents with an unsettled baby.' 'The CD gave me a sense of control knowing I could consistently settle my baby at the push of a button. This CD should be on every parents list of essential baby items.'
Peter and Hayley, parents of Edward aged 5 weeks.

'The book is fantastic. It gives practical advice. Having the information about how to play the CD was great.'
Julie, mother of 4 week-old baby girl.

'Firstly to the team that created this CD I would like to say a heartfelt thank you for such a fantastic product! I can't imagine my life without this CD as it is my savior when my baby is being really difficult I'm never going anywhere again without this precious CD I thought it would be the typical baby CD that is presently on the market - but I was very surprised.'
Samantha, mother of Jarred aged 5 months.

'Worn out parents rejoice! An innovative and gentle strategy for unsettled babies.'
Tony, Pediatrician Neonatologist, and father of 2.

'We were at the point of having tried everything. With controlled crying and other things, he would still be crying after two hours. Now when he wakes in the night, we just put 'Sounds for Silence' on and he goes back to sleep.'
Sandy, mother of Hamish, aged 10 months.

'The CD has really helped us it showed that there are natural and alternative ways to settle babies.'
Jodie, mother of 10-week-old twins.

'Thank you for providing parents with such a valuable resource to tap into. Hannah really enjoyed the 'Sounds for Silence' CD. During the first songs Hannah would calm down and gaze around. She was asleep by the second song.'
Andrea, mother of Hannah, 4 months