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Probiotics (June 2010) 

Using Pacifiers/Dummies to soothe your baby
 (June 2010) 

Infant consumption of Vitamin D found to be low
 research (April 2010) 

Maternal diet and Infant eczema and asthma research
 (March 2010)
Mozart and preterm infants research (February 2010)

Rotavirus Gastroenteritis vaccine research (January 2010)

Epileptic seizures in the morning research
 (January 2010)

Antibiotics and Asthma development research
 (January 2010)

Genes for childhood Bipolar Disorder research
 (December 2009)

Mobile phones and brain tumours research
 (December 2009)

etherapy for Anxiety Disorders  (November 2009)
Passive Smoking research (October 2009)

New Swaddling research
 (September 2009)

Internet Psychotherapy for Depressive Illness research (September 2009)

Smoking and Pregnancy New research 
(September 2009)

Reduction in Swine Flu anxiety
 (August 2009)

Periodic Fever Adenopathy Pharyngitis Aphthous
 (August 2009) 

No Tamiflu for children with Swine Flu
 (August, 2009)
Eczema and Stress research (August, 2009)
New Autism research (July, 2009)

 (June, 2009)
Treatment of Dehydration (May 2009)
Rotavirus vaccination (May, 2009)
Post Natal Depression (April 2009)
Colic and Post Natal Depression (March, 2009)