How common is fussiness and irritability in babies?

Infant irritability and sleep problems are two of the most common issues for which parents seek advice from health professionals. Almost every baby at some stage will demonstrate unsettled behaviours which present an exhausting challenge for parents.

How does 'Sounds for Silence' help settle babies?

'Sounds for Silence' is a unique, new product that uses sounds to distract, engage and soothe unsettled infants. Blended environmental (domestic) sounds and white noise mimic the womb, safely and effectively settling babies. Mozart music is also included to focus babies for massage and feeding.

How quickly will 'Sounds for Silence' settle my baby?

Product trials have shown that 'Sounds for Silence' will successfully settle 9 out of 10 babies. 1 in 2 babies settle in less than 60 seconds! A proven rapid and comforting effect for babies and parents.

How is 'Sounds for Silence' different to other baby CDs?

It works! 'Sounds for Silence' is not the gentle lullabies that you might expect, but layers of maternal and harsh everyday sounds. It offers dramatically different soundtracks that have been proven to soothe unsettled babies. 'Sounds for Silence' also includes a bonus booklet on settling a fussy baby, written by Pediatrician, Dr. Harry Zehnwirth. With suggestions for settling, medical information and reasuring advice, parents will find this booklet invaluable.

What is contained in the 'Baby Settling and Health Guide'?

The Guide is a practical book containing reassuring advice for parents on baby settling strategies, managing irritability and infant health issues. Dr Zehnwirth's informative and encouraging Guide offers parents practical tips, ideas and support.