Dr Harry Zehnwirths Story

I have been a Pediatrician for over 25 years and have observed and cared for hundreds of babies with irritability and sleep difficulties. Baby sleep is a challenging area. In looking for a practical answer to help parents manage these common problems I realized the enormous benefits of using different sounds for baby sleep and settling. Not the gentle lullabies that many expect, but the harsher sounds of our daily lives. Not the quiet of a silent room, but the rhythmic patterns of continuous sounds.

I began blending and combining daily sounds - background noises from the domestic environment layered with maternal physiological sounds. What I observed was that these sounds, similar to the womb, effectively distracted, engaged and soothed unsettled infants. I continued trialling Sounds for Silence and found over 90% of crying babies settled quickly on listening to these sounds. Sounds for Silence works not only for soothing, but also for baby sleep, feeding and focusing.

Sounds for Silence is easy, safe and proven effective for settling babies.

Following the overwhelming success of the original Sounds for Silence. I am now pleased to have expanded the package to offer the original soundtracks on CD or downloadable tracks and my new Baby Settling and Health Guide which is a book written with the benefit of understanding and caring for thousands of babies and their parents.

Dr Harry Zehnwirth. MB BS (Hons) FRACP

Dr Harry Zehnwirth is a consultant Pediatrician with more than 25 years of specialized medical education and experience. Pediatrics is a specialized area of medicine that involves the care of infants, children and adolescents. It encompasses neonatology, emergency medicine, management of acute illnesses and chronic conditions, as well as behavioral and developmental health.

The rapport Dr. Harry has with young patients, families and colleagues is testimony to the clinical competence he demonstrates as well as the trust and reassurance he engenders. He is a strong believer in the beneficial effects of fun and magic in medicine which he uses to distract, humor and reassure children (and their families) during medical consultations and hospital care. He is renowned for finding innovative treatment solutions such as Tickle Therapy which is now used as an effective form of chest physiotherapy for young children.

Experience and innovation has helped Dr. Harry to realize the astounding benefits of using sounds to settle irritable and fussy babies which is one of the most common reasons that parents seek medical advice. He also understands that parents need practical information and reassurance during difficult periods, but most significantly a fast and effective solution to help settle their baby. The innovative and pragmatic answer for soothing babies and reassuring parents has been the unique Sounds for Silence soundtracks and book.

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