Sounds For Silence Soundtrack Trials

A trial of the new product Sounds for Silence was conducted by oKIDokie Pty Ltd. This site provides information for the consumer based on findings from the trial.


Background and Overview of Program

Sounds for Silence Baby Settling Program is an innovation featuring a compact disc (CD) and an accompanying 100-page information book. The development of the CD has been directed by Dr. Harry Zehnwirth MB BS (Hons) FRACP, a practising Pediatrician. All medical information has been provided by Dr. Zehnwirth.

Sounds for Silence CD comprises three distinct sections and styles of sound. These aim to provide multiple options for parents to help alleviate common infant problems of irritability and sleep difficulties. Also included is a 100 page book titled 'Baby Settling and Health Guide'. It is a practical book containing reassuring advice for parents on baby settling strategies, managing irritability, how to use the Sounds for optimal benefits and infant health issues. Dr Zehnwirth's informative and encouraging Guide offers parents practical tips, ideas and support.

Literature Review

A review of current literature enabled exploration of contemporary medical, nursing and allied health views on the following topics:

Irritable and fussy babies;

  • Sleep problems; settling problems; behavioral considerations;
  • Parental needs and expectations;
  • Use of sound, music and noise to settle infants;
  • Common problems of the newborn and young infants


Search terms (using MEDLINE search engine) included, but were not limited to:

  • Infant / baby / newborn / neonate
  • Irritability / excessive crying / fussy / fussing
  • Settling problems / sleep / behavioural
  • Colic / colicky
  • Music therapy


Many thousands of articles were identified using these search terms. 105 articles were reviewed. A formal literature review is not included on this website, but a plethora of articles are available on these issues relevant to infants. There is substantial evidence supporting the benefits of sound and music therapy. Benefits form a continuum from ambience through to neurophysiological and developmental benefits.

Objectives of Product Trial

This product trial was undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of Sounds for Silence sounds in settling infants. The trial also sought to elicit parents preferences and identified uses for Sounds for Silence� in caring for their infant. But most significantly, the trial wanted to find out how infants responded to Sounds for Silence to make sure we had it right for them!

Product trial Participants

Participants received an introductory flyer which offered voluntary participation in the product trial.

Participants were informed of the trial objectives and consent was obtained. A copy of the CD and booklet was provided for a 2 week trial period.

Participants included parents of infants younger than 12 months of age. The infants were 47% boys, 53% girls. 12.5% were twins.

Data Collection

Data has been collated using a survey instrument developed specifically for this product trial.

A convenience sample has been surveyed. The product trial was formally ceased at the point of saturation when convincing and consistent data had been collated.


Statistical analysis of quantitative data and descriptive analysis of qualitative data was undertaken.


Some of the findings that may be of interest to parents are described below.

Does do the Sounds for Silence Sounds Effectively Soothe Unsettled Babies?

96.8% success in soothing unsettled babies.

There was variability in times, which soundtracks worked best and how unsettled the infant was at the time of evaluation by the parent.

How Quickly Can the Sounds for Silence Sounds Soothe an Unsettled Baby?

96.8% of babies were settled with Sounds for Silence

75% of babies settled in less than 5 minutes.

53% of babies settled in less than 60 seconds.

31% settled in less than 20 seconds.

When are parents most likely to use the Sounds for Silence CD?

75% used the CD when their baby was crying.

62.5% used the CD when their baby was going to sleep.

50% used the CD when their baby was awake and irritable or fussing.

12.5% used the CD when their baby was awake and happy (this can be useful to help establish positive association with the sounds/music)

6.25% used the CD for convenience such as mealtimes or to enable siblings� bedtime reading for example.

6.25% used the CD to entertain their baby such as play times or active periods

15.6% used the CD at other times such as nappy change, bath time, or in the car during longer trips.

Which Soundtracks are Most Effective in Helping to Soothe an Unsettled Baby?

53% of babies settled best using the Environmental sounds

40.6% of babies settled best when playing the White Noise

12.5% of babies settled best with the Mozart soundtracks playing

25% of parents found the CD played in sequence, using all three types of sound, settled their baby most effectively.

It has been amply demonstrated that babies have individual preferences for different types of sound or even particular soundtracks. Parents usually played the preferred track(s) on repeat to suit their baby's needs.

The trial demonstrated the Environmental Sounds and White Noise are the most effective types of sounds in soothing an unsettled baby.

While the gentler tones of Mozart are least effective of the three CD sections in settling crying babies, this further supports the theory underpinning Sounds for Silence. Gentle music does not settle crying infants as well as harsher sounds like the Environmental Sounds and White Noise. Mozart, however, was found to be an excellent way to help babies be less distractible when they needed to be focussed, as during feeding.

Which Sounds for Silence Soundtrack is the Favorite?

All the soundtracks are winners here! There were diverse and varied preferences, but every soundtrack had its advocates. However for a photo finish Kerpump, Sloshdaboom and White Noise may just have the edge on Gurgaloop, Scuffinkle, and Swooshbah by the narrowest of margins!

Would Parents Recommend Sounds for Silence to Other Parents to Help Settle Their Baby?

Sounds for Silence received a strong vote of confidence from parents. Asked whether or not they would recommend the CD to other parents on a scale from 1 (definitely not) to 5 (definitely yes), 96.25% responded 4 or 5 on the yes end of the scale.


The prevalence of infant irritability and sleep problems, and the demands of an unsettled infant, presents an exhausting and frustrating challenge for many parents. Almost all babies will have periods of fussiness or unsettled behavior. Parents therefore seek a rapid solution that is effective and easy. The product trial has confirmed the success of the Sounds for Silence in achieving this.

The Environmental Sounds and White noise soundtracks appear particularly effective in soothing infants with fussiness, irritability and sleep difficulties. The Mozart piano music section is suited to engage and focus infants during more settled times such as feeding, bath time, or as background music during infant massage.

Individual preferences and favorite soundtracks are readily apparent from the product trial findings. Sounds for Silence has been demonstrated to meet the varied and diverse individual needs of babies and their parents as well as provide an effective way to soothe over 96% of unsettled infants. The Sounds are as comforting and reassuring as anticipated. We have it right for the babies!