oKIDokie Pty Ltd is the company behind the incredibly successful baby settling package, Sounds for Silence Baby Settling Program. With integrity, passion and medical expertise supporting every aspect of this rapidly expanding project, oKIDokie Pty Ltd is proudly Australian conceived, made and delivered.

Starting with a simple idea to solve a universal problem, the Directors of oKIDokie combined their parenting experience, professional skills and belief in their innovation to form an energetic company and the landmark product Sounds for Silence. The mission of the oKIDokie team is to create medically valid, effective and practical tools that support parents and babies. Simply said, their desire is to help families.

Soothing unsettled babies, conflicting advice, sleep deprivation and the resulting difficulties are age-old problems for families. Sounds for Silence, with its 21st Century symphony and reliable health information, provide a modern solution in a practical package. It also represents the breakthrough product for oKIDokie Pty Ltd, and the first in their initial trilogy of baby settling packages.

oKIDokie Pty Ltd is a micro business operating with integrity and pride and expanding on a global level. While health professionals, celebrities, the media (and even Danish royalty!) are aware of the skills and success of oKIDokie, it is the constant positive feedback from satisfied and grateful parents that fuels the Directors' vision. Words of thanks and relief from exhausted parents all over Australia and the world, keep this energetic company growing and committed to their original mission.